Don’t Let Periodontal Disease Get You Down

Periodontitis is derived from the Greek and means inflammation of the tissues. In a first phase of the infection, gingivitis occurs as a result of dental plaque remaining on the teeth. We see this especially if the teeth are not sufficiently cleaned. The gum is swollen, inflamed and bleeding when brushing the teeth. If not treated, the infection can spread into the jawbone and teeth will gradually loosen (“grow”). The whole process is generally totally painless.

What causes periodontal disease?

The emergence of periodontal disease is influenced by many factors. The bacteria that are in the dental plaque are responsible for the infection. The extent and progression of the infection that follows the inflammation, however, this is very dependent on many things. For example, plays an important role among other things, the body’s defenses. There is also a certain genetic predisposition to develop periodontitis. People who smoke heavily (10 to 20 cigarettes per day) also are more likely to develop periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease remains limited to an inflammation in the mouth or the infection can also spread in the body?

Periodontal disease if left untreated, the bacteria causing the infection, via the blood stream can spread throughout the body. This can have very serious consequences. There is a link between periodontal disease and include inflammation at the level of the heart, heart attacks, strokes and brain abscesses. Approximately 15% of premature births could also be caused by periodontal inflammation.

How often should I brush my teeth per day?

In principle, for the gum once a day the teeth good cleaning is sufficient. The quality of the dental cleaning is more important than quantity, in other words, it is better than brushing several times a day as fast slipping over the teeth with the toothbrush thoroughly around 1 time per day. It does, however, thoroughly clean more than just brushing. To brush the chewing surfaces and sides cleaned on the cheek / lip and tongue / palate. Between the teeth are not cleaned in this way. Daily toothpicks or brushes also use part of the dental cleaning.

Periodontitis caused by a lack of certain nutrients, such as vitamin C?

No. Although periodontal disease is influenced by many factors and the lack of calcium in women after menopause (osteoporosis) can certainly have some impact is generally true that periodontal disease is not treatable with vitamins.

Is it better to stop smoking if diagnosed with periodontal disease?

It is true that smoking has a negative effect on periodontal disease and treatment of periodontitis. During smoking, a portion of the harmful substances such as nicotine is absorbed in the gum. In particular, the nicotine inhibits the body’s natural defenses by local influence on the immune cells (white blood cells) and the reduction of the blood flow of the tissue by the contraction of (hair) capillaries. The reduced blood flow to the tissue by smoking signs of gum disease can camouflage as bleeding gums. Finally, the recovery capacity of the gums is difficult by reducing smoking. Is stopped smoking, then see ex-smokers with gum disease often that their gums bleed. More this is a sign of the restored blood flow in the tissue.

I often suffer from bad breath. Why is that?

Bad breath is a common problem which often finds its origin in the activity of bacteria in the mouth. Most adults have occasionally suffered from bad breath and about a quarter of adults regularly experience. If you think you have a problem in this area, you should first go to the dentist as bad breath often has to do with the mouth. If the smell comes primarily from the nose it could indicate a nasal inflammation. As has already been mentioned before is bad breath, in most cases, caused by the degradation of proteins by micro-organisms. This puts strong (sulfur) gases. In people with healthy teeth and gums is the odor is usually of the rear part of the tongue. The smell is therefore stronger as more spoken. If bad breath is caused by bacteria on the tongue, this can be best treated by the tongue thoroughly (with a special toothbrush or tongue scraper).

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